We are the evolution of an idea, the metamorphosis of a dream. The fruition of years of hard work and sacrifice. We never say die, and never give up. We are the chosen few, willing to lay it all on the line for that one perfect moment. Willing to sacrifice our bodies for a piece of glory that will live on in the minds and hearts of our fans. We are risk takers, daredevils, legends in the making. We are the future, and the future is now. We are Starr Wrestling Alliance. 

Starr Wrestling Alliance was founded on Nov 21 2010 by a manager named Raven Starr, who had worked several years in many promotions in Ohio and Indiana. Her Decision to move from manager to Wrestling Promoter/Owner of her own promotion was out of frustration with the way the local Wrestling Scene was being handled. 

Raven's goal has always been the same, to give the young talent a place to practice their craft, experienced wrestlers a place to showcase their talent, and fans a chance to see the different wrestlers in the ring that had never been seen before in the area, with a goal in mind to bring the Southern Ohio Miami Valley area the best shows possible without jeopardizing our integrity holding true to the belief that to be entertaining, wrestling does not need to be lewd. All of our shows are family friendly.

In addition, we feel it is important to support worthwhile causes and organizations, so we participate heavily with fundraising shows. 

Starr Wrestling Alliance was founded on the belief that professional wrestling's glory days aren't behind us, but they still lay ahead. 

In less than one year, Starr Wrestling Alliance (SWA) has quickly gone from opening its doors to becoming THE professional wrestling mainstay in Southern Ohio. We boast the greatest collection of talent in the area. Offering a balanced mix of the best high flyers, technical wizards, hulking big men, beastly brawlers in the area, Not to mention legitimate Guinness World Record Holders and men who are ranked in Pro Wrestling Illustrated's Top 500 wrestlers in the world of the Year . This collection of talent in Southern Ohio is matched by no one.

SWA provides top notch wrestling entertainment to an ever growing audience; not only attracting fans from the area, but out of state as well. We provide an alternative to the wrestling organizations seen on television by utilizing a "less talk, more action" structure for our shows. To this date, this formula has been a proven key to our success. 

We hope with our sincere efforts to bring the glory back to a business with a long and rich history, that has etched many a memory or milestone in the hearts and minds of the true fans.

For it is YOU, the Fans, that make this business great!

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