Starr Wrestling Alliance



 DDK and DJ Tom Sharps problems all started on August 21st when it was DDK vs. Dave Crist vs. DJ Tom Sharp and at the end of the match Sharp gave DDK a neck breaker then DDK reversed a move and pinned Sharp for the win.  The following week on August 28th it was DDK vs. DJ Tom Sharp and DDK was in no mood for any BS dancing from Sharp and as DL Murdock had the ref distracted he slid a baseball bat into DDK but the ref turned around and saw it so DDK tossed it to Sharp and they passed it back and forth then Sharp threw it out of the ring then hit DDK with a DDT and pinned him for a win.  Two weeks later on September 11th when DDK was facing Jake Ashworth Sharp came out near the end of the match climbed up on the apron and sling shotted DDK off the top rope allowing Jake to give him a leg drop and pin him for the win Sharp had cost DDK that match.  September 18th DDK demanded a match with Sharp to make him pay for what he had done the week before and it looked as if Sharp was going to win when he hit DDK with the Remix but DL Murdock assisted in placing DDK's foot on the bottom rope then DDK  rolled up Sharp for the win.  October 2nd it was supposed to be DDK vs. Sharp but Sharp was no where to be found so DDK took on the Olympic Bronze Medalist and beat all of his angry out on him and won.  The following week on October 9th Sharp had a little side bet for DDK about the outcome of their match if Sharp won DDK had to leave SWA forever and DDK was cool with that but wanted to up the bet so he said that if he beat Sharp that he wanted Sharp to be his B*tch till the end of the year and Sharp said he would take that bet cause there was no way he was going to lose.  Just as it looked like Sharp had the upper hand and was coming off the second rope with an axe handle he was caught in mid air by DDK who hit him with the Giddy Up and pinned him for the win making Sharp have to be DDK's B*tch for the rest of the year so DDK made him raise his hand in victory and hold the ropes while he got out of the ring.  He also made Sharp carry the bags for both him and his personal security as they left the building that night.

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