Starr Wrestling Alliance was founded on the belief that professional wrestling's glory days aren't behind us, but they still lay ahead.

The old values of respect, humbleness, and humility are merely fairy tales, and training, REAL training hardly exists.

Yet there is no shortage of “Superstars” for egos and attitude are plentiful.

We DO NOT use, nor condone, backyard wrestlers.

We also feel that to be entertaining, wrestling does not need to be lewd.

All of our shows are family friendly.

In addition, we feel it is important to support worthwhile causes and organizations, so we participate heavily with fundraising shows.

We hope with our sincere efforts to bring the glory back to a business with a long and rich history, that has etched many a memory or milestone in the hearts and minds of the true fans.

For it is YOU, the Fans, that make this business great!

Without you, we would not be here today.

So do you want to be a wrestler?

Anyone can jump off their trampoline and pull off a frog splash like Rob Van Dam...
But that is

Training at SWA turns an average athlete in a well rounded entertainer.

Whether someone wants to learn the art of professional wrestling, the skills to be a manager, the knowledge to be an in ring official, or the role a valet plays, can all be learned at the SWA training school. Students here benefit from Professional Wrestlings years of experience in the business, in the ring and behind the scenes.

If you think you have what it takes, and are serious about pursuing a career in Professional Wrestling, come train with the best in the business.

For more information contact

Raven Starr


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